By re-making, cutting and sewing individual items, which are no longer used and creating a new product. Using recycling techniques, we have created ZOVV collection, in collaboration with a fashion designer called Melinda Hubin. ZOVV is a sustainable collection created by one-sized models made from the transformation of the clothes that did not find their new owner in the earlier events. Four elements form ZOVV: – Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Accessories made from waste materials, with the collaboration of great Bulgarian designers, strengthen the message of the collection: “Towards a sustainable environment!”. The clothes have names of different elements and affected areas: Fire – volcanoes (catastrophic eruptions or known volcanoes), Air – Hurricanes, Water – tsunami and affected areas of a tsunami, Land – wastelands, deserts and earthquakes. The aim is to provoke and to urge all of us to think for a moment about the reasons for these consequences. After creating ZOVV Collection, we closed the scope of resource utilization -and gave an example of how we can efficiently use their qualities, creating a minimal surplus. Empty Your Wardrobe, along with the fashion designer Melinda Hubin, present a solution to fight against climate change – ZOVV collection. It follows the principle of a shared/circular economy, which aims to maximize the quality and the efficiency of the resources by minimizing the surplus that subsequently goes to the landfill, and 90% of it remains disposable. We want to develop the concept so that it can become part of this economy and improve our lives. The fashion industry, and the fashion chains, in many studies, are listed as one of the biggest environmental polluters, the largest users of resources, which are now becoming more and more limited. When designing ZOVV we were inspired by the life of the modern man. He understands natural beauty, wants to live healthily and to breathe a fresh air. He cares both for his look, for the spirit and the inner balance. He is an activist, aware of his actions and their consequences and struggles to preserve and protect nature.