We are three contemporary women with an affinity for fashion and love for nature. That is why we created the initiative „Empty Your Wardrobe“. It’s important how we treat ourselves, as well as how we care about our inner peace and outer beauty. The same perseverance and attention should be given to the environment and the people around us – to Share, Give, and Delight, are beautiful gestures that move us forward.

Our main goal is to encourage the sharing of unnecessary clothing and accessories instead of throwing them away or worse – “I may need it someday”. Our motto says: “Let the unnecessary thing for one person to be the new jewel for another.”

That is why we undertook the task of organizing a series of social events which can enable people to freely exchange things between each other – fashion, love and happiness! We believe that we can breathe in new life and begin with your clothes, as well as create new emotions, a great experience and useful connections.

At the newest version of one of our events, we will also focus on creativity, the skill to decorate the world with yourself, to leave a mark or just to pamper yourself but in the form of art! Will you be surprised? Very pleasantly. Will you leave smiling? Guaranteed but not because you’ve spent another day in shopping therapy but because the emotion we want to charge you with is only a positive one!

Technology and innovation are growing rapidly so we would like to encourage and involve more people in our initiative, thus fighting the fast fashion industry and overproduction of clothing. We believe in and support investing in quality and not quantity. With added value and not the “what’s hot now”. The sources we draw from nature, such as cotton and water, are depleting, the fabric is not 100% degradable, resulting in pollution and a boom of waste. These are only a small part of the things we do to the planet and above all – to ourselves. The result, however, we will leave for our children!

Do we deserve it? And do they?

It’s time to think about it!

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