How it all started…

On a great summer walk in the park with Deni and her little princess. There, guided by what surrounds and happens to us, the idea to organize events under the name Empty Your Wardrobe was born. We believe people need such initiatives – a place where new acquaintances can be made, where clothes can be swapped and can get a “second life”, where people can discover their artistic selves and do good deeds while being part of our causes.

Going further back, it should be noted that the concept was born with a suggestion made by Petya – to collect and redo clothes others are tired of and add new value, a beautifying element and our vision to them. We couldn’t completely develop this thought because it seemed the three of us (plus me) just had to get together and assemble the pieces of a single concept: Empty Your Wardrobe.

We strive to create a new notion of clothes, their manufacturing and usage. We want to re-educate, or, actually, teach people appreciation and how to find the significance in every item. In the early 20’s, when the style related to the Charleston dance developed, something revolutionary happened – the emergence of men’s trousers that flare out at the bottom which nowadays are called bell-bottoms. Women got rid of the heavy theatrical dresses and started wearing fringe frocks in which they danced Charleston.

All this shows that people could relate to a specific style and specific era and this left a trace. And today…the good imitation quickly gets into our wardrobe and even more quickly grows boring – we are greedy, most people don’t have their own style, they just copy.

We believe it’s about time we turn our eyes to nature, we must protect it and search for quality and added value as an investment in a better and harmonious life. Innovation in texture and materials for clothes, innovation in yielding and usage of natural resources, new methods for reprocessing and recycling textile, rationality in water resource usage in apparel manufacturing – these should be main fields to be developed in near future.


Overproduction is everywhere, it becomes evident at our events as well. We found out…well, we already knew, that people without restrictions and limits cannot take all clothes and a considerable amount remains. Naturally, clothes find their new owner because we give them away to voluntary organisations and the result is quite clear…

We don’t want to confront the labels, we want to confront people and thus create a constructive concept and qualitative assessment of what is being offered to us and what we own. Some have little and need more, that’s why we decided that we can GIVE.

At every event, we promote a cause that is important to us and deserves attention. Actually, we found out that with presence, some willingness and a big heart we can achieve a lot.

Life is a rollercoaster – let’s set it in motion, get onto it and enjoy, let’s bring smiles to the passengers’ faces and evoke new emotions!

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