Petya Vasileva and Martina Georgieva were the face and ambassadors of the ZOVV idea during the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin. Our participation goal was to find out what is the process of creating products by sustainable fashion and circular economy brands.

Ethical Fashion Show in Krafwerk Berlin 16–18 January presented a diverse programme themed around ethical fashion. More than 100 brands from around the world (India, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, etc.) took part in the event. The Berlin Fashion Week left us with positive emotions and newly found treasures from ethical fashion. It all took 3 days and the programme was packed.

Tuesday and Wednesday began with lectures and presenters who told us about how they reached the decision to create sustainable fashion and how they managed to realise their projects. They emphasized on innovations in ethical fashion, as well as the new materials and methods in clothing manufacturing. The brands showed clothes not only made of ecological materials, such as bamboo and cotton but also from recycled plastic material, knitworks from manually carded wool, accessories made of recycled tires, vegan shoes, organic make-up, etc. Except for end products, the expo popularized eco and innovative methods for re-processing and coloring of textile and leather, light material production technologies, heating outerwear, as well as “smart” clothes that send off signals at touch or noise.

On Tuesday, along with the expo, a conference on fashion and technologies at the Berlin Fashion Week – Fashiontechberlin – took place. At it, small and big companies shared how important technologies are in their business and discussed the future of digital innovations in the fashion industry. Among the spokespersons were Zalando, Hartmann Consultants, Edition F, etc.


After the useful presentations, the organizers allowed bloggers and journalists to test and take pictures of professional models at the expo.

The second part of the programme was a conference on sustainable fashion and consumption – Fashionsustain.

Fashionsustain topics:

Why consumers and not discoverers?

Cooperation – key to success

Innovations in textile – get to know raw and waste materials

Circular Supply Chain

Products for the new generation users

What is “responsible fashion” and what is needed to make it work?

(You can leave us a comment with your answers and opinion on the listed topics)

A great impression made a collaboration between the Italian Wrad and Perpetua. The first is a brand established by fashion professionals, who at one point realized what harm fashion is doing and set on a new path by creating a sustainable brand. The second finds new ways to use waste graphite materials in industrial production and create 100% graphite pencil, while also being mindful of deforestation and the damage we cause to the green environment. Together, the two brands produce a textile dye, graphite-based, 100% harmless to human skin and the environment – a solution that is aimed at dealing with waste products, soil pollution, and harm to humans caused by textile dyes.
Another thing that also surprised us slightly and unpleasantly: We met brands that were not dedicated to the green fashion idea, but saw in it a new niche that grows and has future. They borrowed from the movement and offered a product made of 100% eco textile materials, but without putting in consciousness or adequate social policy. They used the eco fashion idea for marketing and sales. It was expected that sooner or later it would come to that… But the feeling one is left with is unpleasant.
At the end of the second day there was even a discussion between representatives of four brands who commented on the development and importance of nowadays fashion. Adidas, for instance, talked about their Fit and Wear project, which simple aim is to minimize the returns or exchanges in online shopping, which reduces the harmful impact on the environment cased by transport services.The guests had the opportunity to enjoy a fashion show and cocktails at the amazing conclusion of the long and eventful days. Once you see how ethereal some of the designs are, the first thing you want to do is get back to the exhibition section and find that beautiful dress from the show! 🙂The favorites of Empty Your Wardrobe – read more about them from the links and share with us which ones really impressed you:

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