Каква е твоята професия ?

Since I am here in Bulgaria I mainly have been teaching German and French. First in private schools for kids and teens recently mostly with adults. I used to call myself a ‘professional germanets’.

А такъв ли си по призвание ?

I like working with people and helping them so yes, you could call it a calling, I guess.

Как избра да станеш учител ?

I am good at languages and communicating openly. As a mother tongue German in Bulgaria and my experience there are always opportunities to find a job in the teaching sector.

Какъв мечтаеше да бъдеш като малък ?

When I was younger I  had never had any other idea than becoming a teacher. Only once in life when I had to reposition a little bit at the age of nine-teen I was thinking about becoming a nurse or a physiol-therapist but then I went to study French and Italian. After all I’ve always wanted to be in touch with people.

Какво ти дава всеки един твой работен ден ?

I like very much that I have a lot of freedom of choice what to do and how to structure my day as a teacher. Then there is also the fact that I want to have a good relationship with the people I am working with and make them feel good with my presence, make them smile with some jokes or a friendly word. I call it a ‘kiss of the eyes’ when somebody is happy to see me because I was kind to her or him.

А какво ти взима ?

It takes sometimes more energy than you can give. You have to level out the balance quite vigilantly in order not to burn out.

Какво хапваш на обед ? Къде ?

Two times a week I eat at the ‘White House’ kinder garden of the Dunovisti (Bjalo Bratsvo) in Izgrev after my Seitai training. They offer a great Bulgarian vegetarian simple cuisine for around a fiver. (5 BGN) I really like it very much there despite the tiny dwarf chairs inside. Then I always try to eat a salad and drink a green smoothie every day.

Какви са колегите ти ?

As a freelancer I have in the Malkite 5 a couple of colleagues with different backgrounds and I am very blessed to work with exceptionally friendly and polite people. Currently I also work with Berlitz a language school in the centre on Grafa.

Имате ли dress code на работното място ?

Fortunately, I do not need to follow any dress code since I do not  wear suits often because I do not feel free while wearing them. We are just regular people here at the Malkite 5 co-working.

В ежедневието какъв е вашият стил на обличане ?

I am a very casual guy usually with a hoodie or t-shirt and jeans or chinos. And I love wearing comfy speakers.

Какво би посъветвал хората, които искат да се занимават с учене на езици ?

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and keep going, keep talking, keep asking questions and always tell yourself that you are doing fine the way you learn it. Do not compare yourself to other people and their skills because anyway, the best way for you to connect with people is through sign language, your heart and energy you put in.

С какво се гордееш ?

I can say that I am proud that I have learnt to respect other people’s personalities and their decisions. I am also quite good at going with the flow and accepting that there is somehow something like an universal law bringing and getting us where we want to be as a consequence of our own decisions.

Към какво си се устремил ?

On the personal level I am training regularly to get know the self-healing effects of my body and trying to get to know myself better. Professionally, I am aiming at learning how to become a motivational speaker and to share my energy more efficiently to inspire others to follow the path to paradise. 😉

Paradise has a special connotation for me because I have called my vision of a balanced life with good people ‘project:paradise’.

It is a village in Bulgaria where we can work and live together in some nice environment in a self-sustaining way following the model of the ‘Ubuntu party’ created by Michael Tellinger.

Защо АЗ да избера да стана като ТЕБ ?

Like for many of us, it is hard to believe for you how unbelievable you are. That’s why you should always believe more in yourself and spread your wings more and more to show your true colours to become the unbelievably awesome person you actually are.

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