Maybe a lot of you have seen this video on facebook for shoes with zips. When we saw it we were so impressed that we couldn’t stay in one place! A shoe designer that is developing something so interesting and innovating that is fighting the mass production! Or something so practical with saving space and time. If you are a passionate traveler that has problems with big luggage or a person that travels a lot but combines business and joy at the same time – this is for you! One sole and a unlimited number of skins that can make different styles of shoes.

And looking this video and thinking about we reacted fastly and contacted the designer Eduardo Ianuzzi or just Edo. One really nice, sympathetic and warm-hearted guy. He responded after 3 minutes ready to make online interview if we wanted! Unfortunately, this didn’t happen but still we got his answers and here it is – one brief explanation of the story!:)


Who is Eduardo Iannuzzi ?

I was born as an artist and raised as an industrial designer. I tried to apply beauty to functionality and then decided it was functionality to create beauty. I like philosophy as you may have guessed but it’s what’s practical that I really care about. Bring to the market smart products that make life easier, contribute to reducing human carbon footprint.

How the Shooz idea did come? Tell us the real story?

The birth of the idea is pretty funny, I was making a shoe with a zip that could partially open to be folded and flat packed to take less space when travelling. Everyone (literally) was telling me: why don’t you detach the top from the bottom? I actually didn’t listen for 3 years until my ears were burning and decided that maybe the people were right. Maybe I had to listen and make what the people were asking for. So at the beginning of 2015, I started with the first prototypes of Shooz.


You are newly founded company with really with really new for the market idea, how are people accepting you?

So far it’s been quite shocking. We had a massively positive feedback, our video has gone viral making in 6 months over 40 million views and hundred of thousands of shares and comments. We managed to crowdfund our launch and got distributor requests and enquiries from customers from all over the world.

Should we expect new skin designs? What about kid’s collection?

Definitely, we are concentrating on collaborations with artists that will use the skins as blank canvases where to express their creativity and are developing a vegan collection.


In how many countries do you have popularity?

We got hits from all over the world, but I would say, Asia.


What are your goals for the second part of the year? Winter Shooz for mountains?

We will be dropping high tops and limited editions in collaboration with artists.

You can find you Shooz combination from their online store, but we must inform you they work with pre-orders and won’t delivered before September. Just there are a lot of people wanting an waiting! 🙂

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