You know the time to change your wardrobe has come when 2/3 of its contents should be put away because of the missing buttons, stubborn stains, holes, sizes that are too small, sizes that are too big, and clothes that don’t suit us, are old-fashioned or just don’t look as good as you remember – we have no idea why we bought this stuff and will never wear it.

Maybe it’s the female character that shows, but the annoyance with the same old things grows. Our wardrobes can be easily described with an old Bulgarian saying: “Water, water, water everywhere and not a single drop that’s fit to drink”. We want to say that our wardrobes are also packed to the brim and still we don’t have anything to wear, we are just like you…


And we get to the point when we wear the same clothes in the same combination just because “there’s nothing this wardrobe”…

Honestly, take a peek at your wardrobe. Is it full with clothes you haven’t worn for ages? Do you struggle picking the morning outfit? Do you have clothes that you don’t like, don’t suit you or you can’t wear because the bad condition? What about the drawers? Overflowing and you can’t find anything in them?


If you answered “Yes” to at least 2 of the questions, then it is time for you (and for us) to refresh your wardrobe and exchange or donate what you don’t need and keep only what you like and need. In other words, free up the 10th of April and join our clothes-exchange initiative where you can meet new people, take part in our creative workshops or participate in the charity auction with clothes owned by Bulgarian celebrities… Product positioning! But enough about this for now.

Trust me, it’s far better to have a small wardrobe with the right clothes. A personal tip we received by an expert – the blogger EdgyCuts.

Empty your wardrobe

Start by taking the whole content out, put it on the bed and item by item decide what stays and what goes. Use the method: Keep – Donate – Exchange – Recycle, and stick to the following rules:

  1. Keep everything you love and still wear.
  2. Consider donating everything you haven’t worn in months and will probably never wear.
  3. Put away the things that have stubborn stains or are damaged and can’t be fixed to be recycled. Bear in mind that some old clothes might be useful during the spring cleaning. Surely some of the things can be renovated in a new and interesting way! We take on the task to publish inspirations for home workshops.
  1. Keep the “basic” clothes that can easily be turned into something amazing. Also, the simple design withstands all sorts of fashion perversities.



  1. If you have something old-fashioned you just can’t combine with anything in your wardrobe, exchange it. Undoubtedly someone else will notice it charms. If you think these clothes should go to someone in need, so be it.
  2. If you have doubts about a certain piece and you’ve got the nagging feeling you might wear it again (we can relate to suddenly noticing the charm in a shirt or skirt), put them away in a box or storage basket. If the day you want to wear them really comes, they’ll sit there waiting. If the box is full, put a date and a list of the contents. If a year passes and you still haven’t opened it, things are clear – you’re just emotionally attached to these clothes. But we all know these are just items! Go through them again and decide whether to donate or exchange them.
  3. Keep all clothes you love and feel perfectly comfortable in, regardless of the stains, holes, missing buttons, etc. You can wear them while cleaning or at home (if they are not too shabby of course, because we are all princesses even at home!). Our boys call them “work-ware” – for all sorts of dirty work.
  1. Exchange or donate everything that’s not your size. Yeah, you probably keep these fancy tight jeans as a stimulus and hope one day they’ll fit you, but if this day comes, better buy new ones as a reward!
  2. If some clothes you love to wear are damaged, you can fix them, just put them in a bag and bring them to a tailor, or do it yourself. If this bag stays at your home for more than a month, it means you don’t like these clothes all that much and just get rid of them. Honestly, don’t keep things you hope one day will grow feet and go to the tailor on their own.
  1. Organize a place for all the clothes you wore once and knew you would never put on again. When you build up a heap, don’t waste time and bring them to our next event, give them away to a friend or donate them to people in need.
  2. Think about quality, not quantity. Less but higher-quality items will turn your wardrobe in a wonderful place.
  3. Restrain yourself from buying clothes and accessories you don’t need. Find a better use for the money saved – an interesting event you can visit, a course you can join or put them away in a piggy bank for a trip around the world!

  1. Buy clothes in matching styles and colour so you can easily combine them with the rest in your wardrobe. In the past we did this mistake many times – buying pieces just because we like them but can’t match with anything else we have. And then we buy more stuff so we can combine the new items… A huge mistake!
  2. When you buy a new piece, get rid of an old one. Maybe not every time, but regular check-ups of the contents of your wardrobe is necessary.
  3. Examine and sort your wardrobe once every 6 months. Carefully consider the whole contents. Anything that doesn’t make you skip a beat should go. You’ll definitely appreciate having a compact wardrobe.

Check your wardrobe every 6 months

What do you think? Any other ideas we missed? Share them, we would love to learn something new too!

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